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Safety first - 100% of the time!

Wise Construction takes a proactive approach to on-the-job safety. From seminars and safety orientation training to extensive supervision, we do whatever it takes to assure the effectiveness of our safety program.

Through the efforts of our Safety Directors, Wise has established and maintained an outstanding safety record. Always striving to attain our goal of "No Lost-Time Injuries" has led us to receive a number of safety achievement awards including a 2 Million Safe Man Hours award from Fluor Fernald. Most recently, Wise's safety record contributed to its earning a Gold Supplier Award by the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) and being designated a MOX Project Strategic Partner for its work at the Shaw AREVA MOX Project in Aiken, SC.

Currently at the MOX Project, Wise has positively contributed to their record of 13 million safe man-hours worked. The leadership of our competent, degreed and certified Safety Director has been instrumental in accomplishing these major achievements.

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