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Ceco Building

Wise Construction Company is a Registered Ceco Builder

Ceco Building Systems has been a pioneer in innovation and technology in the metal building industry for more than five decades. Each of their three manufacturing facilities has met the requirements of and is certified by the American Institute of Steel construction, the industry's highest standard for ensuring quality of design and fabrication in a metal building.

Ceco buildings are truly "Buildings that Work" - providing economical yet functional and attractive structures for businesses where America gets things done.

Ceco buildings are designed to meet your exact needs. You set the requirements, and Ceco will meet them. Plus, you choose the exterior appearance from attractive, economical metal walls to combine with brick, masonry and stucco finishes.

No two Ceco buildings are exactly alike, yet they all have much in common. They are erected quickly and are economical to build. They are durable, energy-efficient, and offer significant savings on long-term maintenance costs.

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